• Water for Makobe II

    5000 Children die daily from dysentery in Africa.  Women and girls spend much of their time walking to retrieve water from sources that are contaminated.  These are horrible truths of life in Kenya and all of Africa.  Drilling boreholes to provide clean water for villagers is an important part of our ministry in Kenya. The… Read more

  • Spring Forward

    As our furlough time in America comes to a close, we want to share with you the great things that have been accomplished through Him during our visit. We traveled nearly 30,000 miles, spoke in over 50 venues, met hundreds of new friends, spent precious time with our family and experienced one blessing after another…. Read more

  • Building Update

    Building Update 2013 has been a year of building for Real 4 Christ Ministries.  We began one of the biggest building projects we have ever worked on.  MBEWAU was in need of three new classrooms and Massai Corner Ministries was in need of a school building.  God has really blessed and provided for much of… Read more

  • Christmas Greetings

    Christmas Greetings from Chris & Lisa Moore We’ve been on the road sharing what God is doing in Kenya. Pray for us while we’re back in Kenya for a couple of weeks to follow-up on the construction at the schools, and move to a different house. Please consider sponsoring a child or helping support REAL… Read more

  • Kenya Connection Newsletter

    Read about what’s happening with REAL 4 Christ in the Dec 2013 Kenya Connection

Current Needs

Child Sponsors - Over 100 kids still need you to sponsor them @ $35 per month. Starting in April, sponsors will be able to learn more about their children through Denari online.

Staff Housing - $11,000 needed to build housing for teachers

Used School Van - $16,500 needed for van to transport students who live in excess of 8 km (5 miles) from school

...$4,750 finish inside of classrooms
...$7,500 for a computer classroom
Maasai Corner
...$9,000 to complete new classrooms

Water Ministry Vehicle - A Truck that will carry all drilling equipment and tow the drilling rig.